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It all started in 1981, when Tony and Wendy Perkins got planning permission to convert Plumtree Station into Perkins Bar & Bistro – opening on October 14th 1982 after a lot of hard work.

With Tony in the kitchen and Wendy running front of house, the restaurant proved to be a real hit with locals and those from further afield, as we found ourselves winning awards and popping up in national guides.

Back in 2002, Tony and Wendy’s sons Jon and David took over and put their stamp on it – keeping their family values close of personalised service and teamwork, while introducing a new culinary dimension to the menu.

This is a family bistro through and through, to the point that they all lived upstairs in this restaurant at one point! And the entire Perkins family hope you enjoy a dining experience like no other.

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Our Food


Great food to us is about great ingredients and great people cooking it – we rely on the relationships with our suppliers that we have forged over many years to ensure we get the best.

Through these great relationships, we get fresh, local produce every day that will vary depending on what passes our high standards of quality and what's in season.

You may notice that all of our menus are samples, as we refuse to let something like a fixed menu stifle our abilities to provide incredible dishes for you.

Instead, our talented chefs put their heart and soul into creating the best possible dishes out of what is available to them. We hope you enjoy what they create.


Our Story


Our Smokehouse

We are one of very few restaurants in this country with its own smokehouse.


Built in 2005, to a Canadian design, the smokehouse has got better with age, and chefs have great fun experimenting with dishes and discovering something new and exciting. The most popular ingredients include salmon, mackerel, haddock, ham, mushrooms and cheese.
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Meet th team

Meet the family


Patricia - Restaurant Manager

  1. How long have you worked with Perkins? Four years on my first stint. Currently, I've been here since August 2016.

  2. Favourite part of the job? I love chatting to customers and making sure they have a great experience.

  3. Favourite dish on the menu? Absolutely adore the seabass


Robin - Head Chef

  1. How long have you worked with Perkins? I've been here since August 2018.

  2. Favourite part of the job? Teaching young chefs and watching them progress. It's very rewarding.

  3. Favourite dish on the menu? The braised oxtail


Debs - Venue Director

  1. How long have you worked with Perkins? Since 2014!

  2. Favourite part of the job? Having a catch up with the customers.

  3. Favourite dish on the menu? Fillet steak, 100%

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