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Meet Jane – a team member who has worked at Perkins for over 28 years

Welcome back to part five of our team interviews, where it is our pleasure to introduce you to Jane.

Working at Perkins for nearly three decades gives you a lot of amazing stories to tell, and Jane has a lot of them that we love to hear!

So we asked her a few questions about her time with us.

1. Tell me about the first day you started working at Perkins 28 years ago. What was it like?

I was very nervous but everyone made me feel so welcome, I was given a beautiful flowery skirt so instantly felt part of the team.

2. How has Perkins bar & bistro changed over nearly three decades?

Where to begin! Perkins has evolved so much with each milestone from Tony and Wendy retiring, the boys taking over and Sarah returning as Chef director.

There is a wider range of dishes and different flavor combinations. I think it’s important to recognise that we have managed to remain a business with family values and a great team.

3. Any favourite dishes you loved on the Perkins menu during your time at the Bistro?

So many to choose from but most recently the hazelnut meringue.

4. What is your favourite thing about working at Perkins and why?

I love that every day is different but my favourite thing is has to be our lovely customers. We have so many regular customers I have built relationships and made some great friends over the years.

5. How has working with the Perkins family changed between Tony and Wendy managing and then Dave and Jon?

I say this a little tongue in cheek, there is far less swearing in the kitchen these days! Our style and offering has evolved we have different menus and events to appeal to a wider audience

6. Any advice you have for anybody who wants to join the Perkins family and work for 28 years and beyond like yourself?

Expect to work hard and have a lot of fun but above all its important to enjoy the experience.


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