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Our smokehouse success stories

We absolutely adore discovering new and exciting flavours using our smokehouse - after all, we are one of the few restaurants in the country with their own. It's basically our duty to experiment!

Of course, sometimes it goes wrong - like that time we tried smoking steaks (good in theory - less so in practice) -- but other times it goes oh so right. Below are five smokehouse experiments that were just too good not to add on to the menu. Who knows, you may even have tried a few.

1. Salmon

A Perkins favourite - our smoked salmon tops off the horseradish and potato blini starter on our main menu and also makes an appearance on our breakfast menu alongside scrambled eggs.

2. Butter Another favourite here at Perkins, our smoked butter has made it's way into some very tasty things like our smoked beurre blanc.

3. Chicken A thousand times better than smoked steak, our smoked chicken made an appearance last year in our smoked chicken ballotine - a creative new twist on a classic dish.

4. Banana Chilli Peppers It sounds like it would be weird, but these were actually amazing. These bright yellow chilli peppers have an acidic tartness that pairs perfectly with the depth of flavour imparted by smoked oak.

5. Brisket A staple in the American South, smoked Brisket was always going to be tasty; but smoked Brisket the Perkins that's something worth shouting about. So much so that we've made it a staple on our main menu as a addition to our sleeper boards. We'll also be serving a heartier portion of our Brisket for our Taste of New Orleans Gastronomic Series in September.


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