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Closing our doors - life at home for Perkins Bar & Bistro part 3

We hope you are all staying home, staying safe and protecting the NHS. The news is a little scary at the moment, but we hope we can take your mind off it and focus on making the most of that home life with our weekly blog.

Last week, we spoke to Heather - you can read that blog here. For this week, we turn to Venue Director Jenna about her life at home with jigsaw puzzles, podcasts and really good food (perks of being married to a chef!) 1. How are you settling in to being at home much more?

It’s going OK! Don’t get me wrong, it was a little weird to wake up and not go to work, but me and my husband Alex have been making the most of it.

I have managed to get myself into a good routine - starting with morning PE with Joe Wicks...yes I know it’s supposed to be children’s exercise, but I’ve got my Spider-Mans down to a tee! I then move onto a 10-minute yoga stretch, followed by breakfast and getting on with my day. It was important before the lockdown to have a routine, and now it’s even more crucial!

2. What have you been eating in the lockdown?

Living with a chef means I get the most amazing meals. These have include chilli, bolognese, fish pie, & Thai green vegetable curry.

For my birthday he made garlic & chilli prawns (an escabeche classic) followed by a baked cod dish he recreated from our trip to Reykjavik and a birthday cake! A definite favourite of mine has been the roast dinners.

3. What have you been up to?

One thing that has definitely changed is that we’ve spent far more time out in the garden. We have a full herb garden, giving a nice aroma to the outdoors! With the extra time, we’ve been tending far more to the garden, and spending much longer out there than we have in the past few years! We have also being going out on daily walks, making the most of the sunshine! 4. Any recommendations for entertainment over this time?

We’ve been diving into a lot of amazing TV, picking up podcasts and jumping into some fun activities. I’ve been binging my way through Spooks (I love anything that has Nicola Walker in), and really enjoying The nest on BBC.

As for other shows the reader should be watching, take a look at Fleabag, The Split, After life and Killing Eve! As for podcasts, I’ve been listening to BBC’s Evil Genius (an amazing panel show where they pick figures from history and decide whether they were evil or genius), and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place. And as for a past-time without a screen or speakers, Alex and I have been really getting into jigsaw puzzles - very therapeutic! 5. What’s the first thing you’re going to do once all of this is over?

Easy. See my family and friends! The BBQs at my Mum’s are legendary, I have missed at least one in this good weather.

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