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Meet Patricia - Your Restaurant Manager

What makes a restaurant great? It's not just the food or a nice location. The people are a massively important part of this formula too, and all-too-often, we see that crucial part of any restaurant just disappear into the background.

Meet Patricia - your restaurant manager who goes out of her way to care for every person!

As a family restaurant, we wanted to do things differently, and introduce you to each and every member of our dedicated team, who put their heart and soul into giving you the best Perkins experience possible. You get to know and love our food, it's only fair you get to know everyone behind-the-scenes.

With that in mind (and with the Taste of Portugal just around the corner), allow us to introduce you to Patricia, who moved here from Portugal and is doing an incredible job as Restaurant Manager!

What is it like to live in Portugal?

Portugal is a lovely country, full of culture and friendly people. People like to eat outside and they visit coffee shops a lot - after lunch, after dinner, first thing in the morning…it is espresso all day!

People like to eat, and they eat well! We love our mum’s food, Portuguese people are very family orientated, they look after their parents when they get older, that’s how we are. They also look after each other, they show love with hand expressions and with emotion a lot of emotion!

So many memories of my time living in Portugal. I remember doing my work experience in Viana do Castelo, which is a beautiful town up North! I had an amazing time, working in the town's castle and doing all their summer party brochure - waking up everyday with the sounds of nature around the nearby river and walking to work through it all.

But beyond the incredible opportunity, it was all about the small things - smelling the morning air, seeing the fisherman on the way out to the sea in their small, traditional boats, the pebbled streets and the blue tiles on the walls telling a story. It was just lovely.

Portugal is full of hidden places just waiting to be found.

What is it about Portuguese cuisine that you love the most?

I love how everything is fresh and cooked from scratch. Everyone has vegetables planted in the back garden - people eat what they plant, and supplement if necessary from the supermarket.

Portuguese cooking is simple and that is my favourite part of the cuisine. As a child, if I wanted lunch I would walk in our garden and pick lettuce leaves and make a nice salad. Portuguese people eat salad with everything, together with lots of grilled meat!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you like to have with you?

I would take my boyfriend, a knife and a tent 😊

What’s your favourite dish on the Perkins menu?

I love when we have seabass on - anything with seabass!

What do you hope people will learn/take away from the Taste of Portugal event on 21st March?

People know Portugal by the famous elements - like port and custard tart.

With this evening and menu, we hope our guests will learn a little bit more - it's different regions, each with their own traditional dishes.

What’s the one thing you love most about working at Perkins?

I love the people and the way we take time to really get to know our customers. It really is like a family here, with heartfelt service and genuine relationships.

What’s your dish to cook at home for friends & family?

Cod (any cod dish, after all Portugal has 1001 dishes with cod). Also, I do like a sardine with the Portuguese family.

For English family, it has to be a good steak or a lovely roast.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the Perkins Family?

Be kind and do your best. We cannot judge anyone that is trying their best and does everything for their team and our customers.


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