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Meet Robin - your head chef

For the third in our series of team interviews, we thought we'd take you into the kitchen to meet Robin - Head Chef and culinary extraordinaire!

We get to know so much about you, and you get acquainted to us through our food. It's only fair that we introduce the passionate team behind these dishes to you.

Compared to some of our veterans, Robin has not been with us for that long. But in that time, he has brought an unmistakable passion and energy for food and cooking, that we hope you see reflected in the menu every day.

1. What do you do and how long have you worked at Perkins? 10 months

2. What’s your favourite thing about working at Perkins? working with team! I also enjoying working with our local suppliers and creating seasonal dishes.

3. What is your favourite song and why? ‘The End’ by the doors as its good to relax and unwind

4. What’s your favourite dish on the Perkins menu? The trio of rabbit. it’s a light summery dish created using many different parts of the animal and not just the ‘best bits’

5. What’s your favourite ingredient to work with? Eggs, they are versatile and can do so many things with

6. What three events on the calendar for this year should people look forward to at Perkins? Taste of New Orleans, Taste of Australia and New Years Eve

7. What’s your go-to guilty pleasure fast food? Mexican

8. What’s your dish to cook at home for friends & family? It has to be a Sunday roast!

9. What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the Perkins Family as a chef? Be passionate about food and creating dishes and be prepared to work hard.


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