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Welcome to the brand new Perkins Bar & Bistro Website

So, you may have noticed things look a bit different around here... Welcome to the brand new website for Perkins Bar & Bistro!

We've been hard at work behind the scenes, to deliver on something that is not only more useful for you, but tells you the full story behind what we do at our family bistro.

Allow us to take you on a tour, and get you settled in.

Booking a table? Not a problem, just jump into the homepage and you can do so online using that handy calendar at the top!

But maybe you want to see a bit more of what we do here at Perkins... That's where the rest of the site comes in.

Every special event we run, from Taste the Season to 12 tastes of Christmas can now be found on our events page. You can even register your interest for them and we'll get back to you, to arrange a table or suggest another event if it's full. We also have all our sample menus on here too, so you can see what's on offer (conditionally, as we prioritise the best produce over a fixed menu).

We also have a family story that spans over thirty years and two generations. It's easy to lose that on a website, but we've put ours proudly on its own page - from the lineage of the Plumtree station building, to our proud local sourcing of ingredients and produce.

Plus, it's our opportunity to introduce you to our small family who help run the bistro and work hard to provide the best possible experience for you all.

None of this culinary dream would be possible without our team, our suppliers and you, so we hope above all else that this website celebrates these three pillars as much as possible.

New website - new beginning.


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